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  • Travel health policy for Germany, temporary trips in the EU & all Schengen states
  • Fulfills all Schengen visa requirements
  • Insurance cover of up to five years
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Travel health insurance for foreigners in Germany

If you want to get to know Germany as a holiday destination or work in the Federal Republic for a while, then you need a health insurance policy for foreign guests. This special travel health policy is a prerequisite to apply for a Schengen visa (more information can be obtained from the German Foreign Office) and for entering Germany, for example, as a non-EU citizen. Here's how to get the best insurance with Advigon at a low daily rate.

Briefly explained – Schengen health insurance

Foreign guests Basic & Foreign guests Profi: Our tariffs for travel health insurance explained

With the Foreign guests Basic and Profi tariffs, we insure people up to the age of 74. The Basic tariff covers the costs for services such as outpatient treatment, operations or in-patient treatment under Germany’s general care insurance as well as ambulance transport to in-patient treatment.
Our Profi tariff includes additional benefits such as pregnancy examinations and deliveries, dental check-ups, visual aids or screening check-ups for early detection of cancers.

Why do I need health insurance as a foreign guest in Germany?

In Germany’s healthcare system, according to its legal regulations everyone is required by law to have health insurance. If you are travelling to Germany from abroad, either your health insurance at home has to cover you during your trip or you have to take out medical insurance in Germany. Freelancers & self-employed with their own business, scientists, expats and young travellers (e.g. students, au pairs or participants in a Work & Travel programme) also have to take out health insurance.

How much does it cost to get German travel health insurance for foreigners?

The daily premiums for Advigon Foreign guests health insurance start from

  • €2.40 a day in the Basic tariff for people at the age up to 64 years
  • and €3.40 a day for those aged 65-74 years.

In the Profi tariff the cost of our health insurance is

  • €8.60 a day for people up to 64
  • and €12.70 a day for those aged 65-74.

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We have an extra tariff for young people up to 35 years of age: Young Travel. This tariff is extra affordable. It’s aimed at young foreign visitors such as au pairs, pupils, students, scholarship holders or Work & Travel participants.

Who is Advigon’s “Foreign Guests” health insurance for?

Foreign guests travel health insurance – Overview of the benefits

If you are planning a visit to Germany, our health insurance offers up to five years of premium insurance cover – starting at 2.40 € per day. You can choose from two different packages.

Foreign guests Basic
Foreign guests Profi
Costs for out-patient treatment
Foreign guests Basic
Foreign guests Profi
Prescribed medications and surgical dressings
Foreign guests Basic
Foreign guests Profi
Costs for radiation therapy, light therapy, and other physical treatments
Foreign guests Basic
Foreign guests Profi
Prescribed therapeutic aids following an accident
Foreign guests Basic 500 € / year
Foreign guests Profi
Prescribed massages, medicinal compresses and inhalations
Foreign guests Basic 300 € / year
Foreign guests Profi
Prescribed aids (not accident-related)
Foreign guests Basic not insured
Foreign guests Profi 500 € / year
Visual aids
Foreign guests Basic not insured
Foreign guests Profi 200 € / year
Screening check-ups for early detection of cancers
Foreign guests Basic not insured
Foreign guests Profi 300 € / year
Screening check-ups for children in accordance with the statutory programmes introduced in Germany
Foreign guests Basic not insured
Foreign guests Profi
Costs for in-patient medical treatment under general care insurance
Foreign guests Basic
Foreign guests Profi
Foreign guests Basic
Foreign guests Profi
Ambulance transport to in-patient treatment
Foreign guests Basic
Foreign guests Profi
Dental treatment for pain relief
Foreign guests Basic 500 € / year
Foreign guests Profi 1.000 € / year
Dental check-ups
Foreign guests Basic not insured
Foreign guests Profi 200 € / year
Up to 80 % of the cost for medically required dentures
Foreign guests Basic not insured
Foreign guests Profi 1.250 € / year
Pregnancy treatment due to complaints
Foreign guests Basic
Foreign guests Profi
Pregnancy examinations and deliveries
Foreign guests Basic not insured
Foreign guests Profi
Repatriation, if medically desirable
Foreign guests Basic
Foreign guests Profi
Repatriation of mortal remains to the home country or funeral in the Federal Republic of Germany
Foreign guests Basic 10.000 €
Foreign guests Profi 10.000 €
Follow-up liability until restoration of ability to travel for up to
Foreign guests Basic 3 months
Foreign guests Profi 3 months
Deductible per insured event
Foreign guests Basic 25 €
Foreign guests Profi 25 €
0 - 64 years
Foreign guests Basic 2,40 €
Foreign guests Profi 3,40 €
65 - 74 years
Foreign guests Basic 8,60 €
Foreign guests Profi 12, 70 €

24-Hour Hotline

In case of emergencies, our worldwide emergency assistance line is available for all persons insured by Advigon. It is available at any time, 24/7, including Sundays and public holidays.

Call +49 621 5490-1906

What are the requirements for taking out Foreign guest private health insurance with Advigon?

Advigon’s Foreign guests tariffs Basic and Profi are a must for all travellers up to 74 years of age who are looking to stay in Germany for a longer time, either as a tourist or worker. This applies to everyone from temporary seasonal workers from abroad to expats who work in Germany as employees of an international company for a few months, or even a few years. Clients for our travel insurance also include freelancers and long-term tourists.

Please note that the Foreign guests insurance is only intended for people who are planning a temporary stay in Germany and not for those who want to live here permanently and become residents. The longest duration for insurance in the Foreign Guests plan is 5 years.

You can apply for the insurance contract at any time. The insurance must be taken out for the entire stay in Germany. The waiting period is 31 days from the start of the insurance. The general waiting time does not apply if the application is made within 31 days of arrival. The waiting time also does not apply in case of accidents or medical interventions to avert an acute danger to your life.

Trust Advigon’s policy and benefit from a wide range of services at attractive premiums.

Travel Health Insurance Young Travel

Advigon's visa health insurance Young Travel – for students, au pairs and interns

If you are under 35 years old and visiting Germany as an au pair, school pupil, student, scholarship holder, doctoral candidate or as a participant in a "Work & Travel" programme, then Advigon offers particularly inexpensive health insurance for young foreign visitors with the Young Travel policy.

Young Travel


All other details about the Foreign guests travel health insurance can be seen in our price overview, the information sheet for insurance products, and the insurance terms and conditions for the Health Insurance for foreign guests.


You will find the answers to the most commonly asked questions about our Foreign guests travel health insurance here.

The answer is YES. In the Basic and Profi tariff of our foreign guests insurance we cover hospitalisation and outpatient treatment as well as costs for in-patient medical treatment and ambulance transports, so you are always covered in the case of a COVID-19 infection.

Our travel health insurance for foreign guests is suitable for everyone staying in Germany for a longer period. The policyholder may stay abroad only temporarily, must be under 75 years of age and may not be subject to the statutory health insurance obligation in Germany.

The insurance is also suitable for German nationals who have been living abroad (permanent residence) for at least two years.

Our Foreign guests health insurance can be taken out at any time before your departure and after your arrival, simply by filling in our online booking form.

If the insurance cover applied for exceeds 12 months, the insurance cover in the home country is limited to six weeks a year. Beyond that, travel in the home country* is not insured.

*Home country as defined in this condition means your permanent residence before your temporary stay in Germany.

For trips to the USA or Canada, this insurance cover is limited to 14 days per trip.

There is a deductible of 25 euros per insured event.

If you end your stay in Germany early, you can terminate the insurance. In this case, it is important that you keep your air tickets and other evidence of the premature end to the trip.

If you wish to extend your stay in Germany, you can at any time continue our insurance with an extension contract. Please note that the total period of stay in Germany is limited to five years.


The example of Jeffrey and Rose is a simple way to explain how Advigon's rates and their costs are calculated: Jeffrey and Rose, 38 and 40 years old and from the United States, visit Germany for a holiday for the duration of one month and need a travel health insurance. Since the health insurance in their home country does not cover all services during their stay in Germany, the two decide to take out Advigon's Foreign guests insurance. Jeffrey picks the Basic plan while Rose would like to get full coverage and protection, so she chooses the Profi plan. For a total of 30 days, Jeffrey has to pay €72 and Rose €102.

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