Praise and critism

If you are particularly happy with our products or services, we would be very pleased to receive any positive feedback you may have. Alternatively, if you are not completely satisfied, please contact us to raise any issues.

Receiving constructive criticism gives us the opportunity to review and improve our service quality. We are constantly growing and welcome your feedback. Your complaint will be dealt with fairly and by qualified experts. We always do our best to respond within 10 working days. If, however, we require more than 10 working days, you will be informed of this and given details of what further action we need to take. Because of data protection regulations, it is possible that we will only communicate with you by mail.

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Independent review:

If you prefer not to raise your complaint directly with Advigon, you can also have it reviewed by an independent body. Contact details for the supervisory authority are provided here:

Finanzmarktaufsicht Liechtenstein (FMA)

The FMA is the supervisory authority for Advigon International AG.

Finanzmarktaufsicht Liechtenstein
Landstrasse 109
Postfach 279
9490 Vaduz

Tel.: +423 236-7373
Fax: +423 236-7374

More information about the FMA’s complaints process is available online:

You can also refer the matter to the Arbitration Board for Consumer Affairs (“Schlichtungsstelle für Konsumentenangelegenheiten”). Participation in the arbitration process is voluntary for both the consumer and the company concerned.

Arbitration Board for Consumer Affairs (Schlichtungsstelle für Konsumentenangelegenheiten) – Art. 4 AStG of Law on Alternative Dispute Resolution in Consumer Affairs

Amt für Volkswirtschaft
Bereich Konsumentenschutz
Postfach 684
9490 Vaduz

Tel.: +423 236 68 71
Fax: +423 236 68 89

Further details on the Arbitration Board for Consumer Affairs’ dispute resolution process are available online at:

We would also like to also draw your attention to the option of an out-of-court, online dispute resolution. The EU Commission has set up an online platform for this purpose and it can be accessed via the following link: