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Health insurance for expats: Work abroad and we cover you

Working as an international expat and living in a foreign country for a certain amount of time is an interesting and exciting experience. However, moving to another country is a big step and needs a lot of organisation – even if it’s for a limited amount of time. One of the first things you should consider is covering your healthcare. We have created two plans in our expat medical insurance Foreign Guests so you don’t need to worry about your healthcare abroad. This way, you can concentrate fully on new tasks, people and experiences and enjoy your time as an international expat. In case of an emergency we make sure you are medically covered. We also offer a tariff that includes dental prostheses or different treatments during pregnancy. With our two insurance plans especially made for expats, Advigon is by your side.

Do I need health insurance as an expat in Germany?

If you are from a country outside the Schengen area or some third countries, you need health insurance to enter and work in Germany if you stay longer than 90 days. In addition, many health insurance policies do not provide coverage for longer stays abroad. Therefore we strongly recommend taking out medical insurance in Germany.

What happens to my social and statutory or private health insurance in my home country while I am living in Germany?

For most people, we recommend cancelling your health insurance in your home country for the time you are in Germany. Usually these insurances do not cover benefits in other countries anyway. To be on the safe side, call your current insurance company in your home country and ask the following questions:

  • If I get sick abroad, will the insurance policy cover the medical treatments and services?
  • Will my insurance also provide coverage for treatment of chronic illnesses and the corresponding medication abroad?
  • Do I need to pay in advance for medical services abroad and if so, will I be reimbursed later by the health insurance company in my home country?

Health insurance for expats – Overview of the benefits

If you are planning a visit to Germany, our health insurance offers up to five years of premium insurance cover – starting at 2.40 € per day. You can choose from two different packages.

Foreign guests Basic
Foreign guests Profi
Costs for out-patient treatment
Foreign guests Basic
Foreign guests Profi
Prescribed medications and surgical dressings
Foreign guests Basic
Foreign guests Profi
Costs for radiation therapy, light therapy, and other physical treatments
Foreign guests Basic
Foreign guests Profi
Prescribed therapeutic aids following an accident
Foreign guests Basic 500 € / year
Foreign guests Profi
Prescribed massages, medicinal compresses and inhalations
Foreign guests Basic 300 € / year
Foreign guests Profi
Prescribed aids (not accident-related)
Foreign guests Basic not insured
Foreign guests Profi 500 € / year
Visual aids
Foreign guests Basic not insured
Foreign guests Profi 200 € / year
Screening check-ups for early detection of cancers
Foreign guests Basic not insured
Foreign guests Profi 300 € / year
Screening check-ups for children in accordance with the statutory programmes introduced in Germany
Foreign guests Basic not insured
Foreign guests Profi
Costs for in-patient medical treatment under general care insurance
Foreign guests Basic
Foreign guests Profi
Foreign guests Basic
Foreign guests Profi
Ambulance transport to in-patient treatment
Foreign guests Basic
Foreign guests Profi
Dental treatment for pain relief
Foreign guests Basic 500 € / year
Foreign guests Profi 1.000 € / year
Dental check-ups
Foreign guests Basic not insured
Foreign guests Profi 200 € / year
Up to 80 % of the cost for medically required dentures
Foreign guests Basic not insured
Foreign guests Profi 1.250 € / year
Pregnancy treatment due to complaints
Foreign guests Basic
Foreign guests Profi
Pregnancy examinations and deliveries
Foreign guests Basic not insured
Foreign guests Profi
Repatriation, if medically desirable
Foreign guests Basic
Foreign guests Profi
Repatriation of mortal remains to the home country or funeral in the Federal Republic of Germany
Foreign guests Basic 10.000 €
Foreign guests Profi 10.000 €
Follow-up liability until restoration of ability to travel for up to
Foreign guests Basic 3 months
Foreign guests Profi 3 months
Deductible per insured event
Foreign guests Basic 25 €
Foreign guests Profi 25 €
0 - 64 years
Foreign guests Basic 2,40 €
Foreign guests Profi 3,40 €
65 - 74 years
Foreign guests Basic 8,60 €
Foreign guests Profi 12, 70 €

Examples of benefits from our expat travel health insurance Foreign Guests

Kasia (27) and her boyfriend Mateusz (28), both from Poland, want to work as research assistants in Germany for three years. One year after their move to Germany, Kasia becomes pregnant. Thanks to her Foreign Guests Profi tariff, not only treatments for complaints during pregnancy but also pregnancy examinations and deliveries are covered. The new small family is happy and Kasia can give birth to her child in Germany with peace of mind. For the couple it’s also great to know that they can always contact Advigon in case of any questions regarding health care.

The Canadian citizen Andrew, 49 years old, is sent to Germany by his employer, a car company, to help out with his professional knowledge. He wants to work there for 4 years. Before moving to Germany the Canadian expat has to take out travel insurance Foreign Guests at Advigon with the Basic tariff and uses the policy to apply for a Schengen visa. In the second month of his stay in Germany, Andrew suddenly gets a severe stomach ache. It turns out that his appendix is inflamed. Thanks to his expatriate health insurance, he doesn't have to worry about the costs for the surgery, hospital stay and related medical treatments and services.

Frequently asked questions

The Foreign Guests insurance is suitable for people who plan to live in Germany for a limited amount of time (up to five years) and keep their residence in their home country. We insure people up to 74 years of age.

With Advigon Foreign Guests you are flexible: Our expatriate travel insurance is available in two different plans: Basic and Profi. You can choose according to your needs and budget. In any case, the following is covered by Advigon’s Foreign Guests insurance:

  • outpatient care
  • prescription of medicines
  • and surgical dressings

Medical treatments and services such as

  • massages,
  • radiotherapy,
  • ambulance transport,
  • therapeutic aids following an accident

and much more are also included.

In addition to this basic cover, the Foreign Guests Profi plan includes extras such as

  • visual aids,
  • precautionary medical examinations for the early detection of cancer or dentures

Yes, Advigon offers Young Travel health insurance for students and expat insurance for people who are coming to Germany that are self employed or freelancers.

With Advigon’s Foreign Guests insurance you don’t have to spend much money to be safe. The daily premium starts at € 2.40 for a Foreign Guests Basic tariff for a person aged up to 64 years and older. The Foreign Guests Profi tariff starts at € 3.40 per day. From the age of 65, the daily premium for Advigon’s Foreign Guests insurance is € 8.60 per day in the Basic tariff and € 12.70 in the Profi tariff.

Any more questions about our expat health insurance for Germany?

You don't know one hundred percent which of our expatriate health insurance plans is most suitable for you? Do you have questions about our medical insurance policy for international expats in Germany? Or would you simply like more information and personal advice? Then you can of course contact us and we will discuss all your points personally. You can either call us in English on 040 5555-4020 or write to us. Please note that our customer service is provided in English or German.

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24-Hour Hotline

In case of emergencies, our worldwide emergency assistance line is available for all persons insured by Advigon. It is available at any time, 24/7, including Sundays and public holidays.

Call +49 621 5490-1906

Health Insurance for expats – Downloads

All other details about the “Foreign guests” travel health insurance can be seen in our price overview, the information sheet for insurance products, and the insurance terms and conditions for the Health Insurance for foreign guests.