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Advigon’s medical insurance for foreign visitors in Germany

Whether as an intern, expat, work & traveller or as a tourist – a trip to Germany is a little adventure for everyone. However, there are things you want to be protected against when you’re travelling to a foreign country –  whether it’s an unexpected stay in hospital or an accident with a rental car. Enjoy your stay and don't worry about paying doctor's bills and other unexpected costs. For up to 5 years, international guests enjoy comprehensive protection against illness and accidents in Germany as well as when travelling within Europe (EU, Schengen countries, Andorra, Monaco, San Marino and Vatican City). We offer medical insurance in Germany for EU citizens, but also for people from the rest of the world. Without incoming health insurance in Germany, even a short visit to the doctor can quickly become an expensive surprise.

If you take out health insurance (or ‘Krankenversicherung’ in German) with Advigon we’re your reliable partner during your stay in Germany: If you need immediate help, you can call our English-speaking customer support: +49 40 5555-4020 and our 24-hours emergency line +49 621 5490-1906 is always available if you’re in trouble.

According to the German healthcare system, everyone in Germany must have health insurance, whether it’s statutory or private. People in employment or students who enrol at a public university in Germany are generally subject to compulsory insurance in a German health insurance scheme. Anyone not insured in this way must take out insurance cover.

In addition, either as a tourist or a ‘Work & Travel’ visitor, you may need travel insurance for a Schengen visa if you wish to visit the country for more than three months. For this, proof of valid travel health insurance is required. With Advigon's incoming insurance, you meet all the legal requirements to obtain a valid Schengen visa.

With our ‘Foreign Guests’ travel health insurance, you not only comply with the conditions of the Schengen Agreement for your visa application, but are also completely insured in the event of an accident or sickness: from out-patient and in-patient treatment to dental care. Advigon policies also cover medications and medical treatments, as well as a medically-advised repatriation to your home country.

We have an appropriate plan and policy for everyone's individual needs – whether you're a tourist, freelancer, self-employed, expat, student, au-pair or a ‘Young Travel’ participate, at Advigon you are guaranteed to find the right tariff. Additionally, we offer each insurance in two tariffs: ‘Basic’ which covers all important treatments and examinations and ‘Profi’ which includes additional benefits, so you always get the services you want. Our medical insurance starts at 0 years, so also your children are safe with a health insurance at Advigon.

Travel health insurance policies

With our travel insurance policies ‘Young Travel’, ‘Foreign Guests’, ‘Expat Insurance’ and ‘Freelancer & Self-Employed’ you will always be on the safe side. All of our insurance policies satisfy not only visa requirements of the European Union, but also the corresponding regulations in Switzerland and Liechtenstein.

Our travel health insurance policies can be concluded online, quickly, comfortably and simply, and are reliable and indispensable companions when staying in Germany and for temporary trips in the Schengen area.

Travel Health Insurance - Foreign Guests

Foreign Guests

The travel health insurance gives you the best coverage possible 

Our insurance for foreign guests is suitable for all visitors staying for a longer period in Germany who need comprehensive travel health insurance. For persons up to 75 years of age.

2,40 €

(Price example for a trip, per day, tariff "Basic")

Insurance "Foreign Guests"
Travel Health Insurance - Young Travel

Young Travel

To ensure young guests from all over the world are well-insured

Whether you are staying abroad as a pupil, student, doctoral candidate, scholarship winner, trainee or participant in a work & travel program, our insurance offers you optimum travel cover. For persons up to 35 years of age (in education and training).

1,19 €

(Price example for a trip, per day, tariff "Basic")

Insurance "Young Travel"


Our health insurance for expats: A new adventure with the good feeling of being safe

Germany will be your new place of work and you are looking for a reliable and affordable health insurance? We will support you during this exciting experience and make sure that you are always covered.

2,40 €

(Price example for a trip, per day, tariff ‘Basic’)

Expat insurance

Freelancers & self-employed

The safe and reliable health insurance for freelancers and self-employed in Germany

Are you a freelancer or self-employed person from a foreign country who wants to travel to Germany? Then Advigon's medical insurance is the right one for you. While you take care of your business, we'll take care of your health!

2,40 €

(Price example for a trip, per day, tariff "Basic")

Insurance for freelancers

FAQ Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Here you will find the answers to frequently asked questions about the coronavirus pandemic in relation to Advigon Incoming Insurance.

FAQ Coronavirus